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Dr Thompson has a keen interest in paediatric Sport & Exercise Medicine. His extensive experience of working with children and adolescents both in elite level development squads and through his NHS practice, have given him an understanding of the specific injury patterns that affect children and the particular needs that must be appreciated in order to implement appropriate rehabilitation programmes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of injuries do children get?
A large proportion of sports-related injuries are in the under 19 age group. As with adults, the paediatric and adolescent population are at risk of many acute injuries, however, they are also at risk of certain types of injury specific to their age group. This includes overuse injuries such as apophyseal injuries (traction injuries where tendons attach to bone), epiphyseal injuries (injuries associated with growth plates/growing bones), bone stress injuries and osteochondral injuries (defects in the cartilage or bone within the joint). When exploring these injuries it is important to consider the risk factors predisposing the individual to a particular injury.

What is the role of the Sport & Exercise Consultant in children & adolescents?
From his extensive experience working with children and adolescents, his background working with elite sporting teams and positions co-ordinating multiple specialties in an MDT Dr Thompson is well placed to manage musculoskeletal issues in children & adolescents. He has a real understanding of the demands and culture of various sports, as well as the demands on the body at different developmental stages. This knowledge is important when acting as a case manager and formulating effective management strategies. Dr Thompson will carry out a thorough assessment, including taking a history and performing an examination (with the child’s parent or an appropriate chaperone present when required). Based on the assessment Dr Thompson will determine if further investigations are required and appropriate. In order to achieve an optimal outcome he is likely to work closely and liaise with other allied health professionals, as well as parents, coaches and other members of an individual’s support team when required.


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